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She Sleeps - Part One

Ninja Tune


Released: 11th Feb 2013


part 1 of the 2nd single from 'hardcourage', friendly fires' vocalist ed macfarlane guests on a deep, organic, house track, its emotive rise & swell both subtle & immensely powerful.

features both the original & radio edits of the track plus an awesome gang gang dance remix that moves from a slo-mo, narcotic feel to quirky & bouncing electro-pop. this is topped off with an ital remix, shrouded in shuddering sub bass & atmospheric white noise, it does a great job of almost entirely inverting the dreamy vibe of the original cut.

She Sleeps - Part One


  1. She Sleeps ft Ed Macfarlane (Original)
  2. She Sleeps ft Ed Macfarlane (Radio Edit)
  3. She Sleeps (Gang Gang Dance Remix)
  4. She Sleeps (Ital Remix)