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gibby haynes

pauls not home

third man

limited 7"

Released: 14th Mar 2013

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jack white & haynes rip & shred through 3 tracks of slacker blues & irreverent thrash punk on this brilliant third man 7".

'paul's not home' is weird but genius thrashed out punk/garage; people call for their friend paul in between onslaughts of drums & guitar, only to be told by his mum that he's on dope, on fire &, finally, dead. 'you don't have to be smart' is a raw chugging number stripped back to drums & fuzzy guitar while 'horse named george' is a surreal 12-bar with vicious, wailing solos.

pauls not home


  1. Paul's Not Home
  2. You Don't Have to Be Smart
  3. Horse Named George