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xingfu lu / kan



Released: 24th Apr 2013


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kode9 drops his first single in 2 years, still bang on the mark & up to date with a blend of trap, rushing footwork rhythms, hip-hop & astounding bass science.

‘xingfu lu’ is a kind of musical puzzle. named after a shanghai street where it was started,  it intensely wraps angular chords that are simultaneously ecstatic & brutal around a structure that contracts & dilates, switching from double time hats & kicks to half time hip hop speed. ‘kan's strange, almost 3d structure combines clinking glass & pouring drink with a rhythm track alternating between skittering triplets & bouncy dancehall-style drums, half speed bass drops & spirals of glassy high-hats, every 8 bars punctuated with trap-style tuned snares. relentless chords stab at the centre, holding it's unstable structure in place.

xingfu lu / kan


  1. Xingfu Lu
  2. Kan