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Kid A

BB Bleu



Released: 3rd Jun 2013


a sensuous, ultra-modern love song, like rainy-day French blues played through modular synths & transposed into US soul.

debut single from the Virginia, USA based musical prodigy Kid A finds her channelling grimes' quirky electronica through a smoky, r&b haze; Its sparse, icy drums & warmer, textural melodies providing the perfect backdrop for her yearning, personal musings on desire. Eliphino brings his bracing take on house music to the table, providing a moodily irresistible dancefloor workout. Technicolour label mate Dolor takes things a touch more ambient, fracturing melodies & vocals & adding tentative synths & bass textures.

BB Bleu


  1. BB Bleu
  2. BB Bleu (Original Demo)
  3. BB Bleu (Elliphino Remix)
  4. BB Bleu (Dolor Remix)