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The Illuminations

border community recordings


Released: 26th Aug 2013


Another handy 12” of DJ tools, de-& reconstructed from the raw materials of James Holden’s ‘The Inheritors’ album & thoroughly road-tested in his own DJ sets.

This time it is the turn of trippy instrumental album interlude ‘The Illuminations’. In its ‘12” Version’ club incarnation, Holden’s mystical cascading arpeggios are juxtaposed with a skittering Detroitian thump to cater for a multitude of bewilderment-inducing dancefloor moments the world over. The ‘Drumsolo’ strips things back to functional old school techno basics as we get to eavesdrop on Holden jamming with his modified DR-110 drum machine. Finally, the extended ‘Arpsolo’ draws out the melodies of the original into a dreamy Boards Of Canada-esque bonus indulgence.

The Illuminations


  1. The Illuminations (12” Version)
  2. The Illuminations (Drumsolo)
  3. The Illuminations (Arpsolo)