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caramel arms


ltd coloured 10"

Released: 21st Oct 2013


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4 blissfully arranged, fuzzed-out indie tracks recorded by the band themselves in their home town of Cambridge.

Opening with the optimistic & fast-driving beats of ‘Coaster’, Forest unleash lively gazoo-like vocal harmonies & thrashing riffs before bending their guitars to the hilt on ’99’, making way for the summer sunburst of ‘Warm Tyres’, written & sung by guitarist Peter Liddard. This emotional journey ends with a melting pot of lo-fi fuzz showing the growing disillusion & frustration on ‘Oh’, the final track from this stunning release that comes snugly wrapped in Barraclough’s personal production values: “It's a false idea that every song 'should' be crystal clear. That's just one idea on how to create a mood. I remember George Martin, The Beatles producer saying that you really don't have to try & replicate the real life sound of what you're recording; you sort of paint a new image that's potentially more evocative... in the same way impressionist or abstract art can be more powerful than a perfect piece of fine art that looks just like a photo. I hope the pendulum swings back soon, otherwise everything might become soullessly perfect.”

caramel arms


  1. Coaster
  2. 99
  3. Warm Tyres
  4. Oh