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the growlers

not. psych!

fat cat


Released: 14th Oct 2013


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the famously prolific band deliver another set of their distinctive brand of warped, yet highly melodic, pop songs.

opener ‘dogheart ii’ encapsulates the growlers world perfectly, incorporating jangly surf guitars, a ramshackle skiffle shuffle, elements of psychedelia & garage rock production, while featuring a typically captivating vocal performance from brooks nielsen extolling the virtues of younger women, signing off each chorus with trademark humour; “take it from a dirty young man”. elsewhere, ‘humdrum blues’ is one of the boldest & most direct pop songs the growlers have yet written & also one of the most heartfelt. as the title of the ep suggests, the growlers are a difficult band to pin down, but that’s just what makes them so enchanting.

not. psych!


  1. Dogheart II
  2. Hiding Under Covers
  3. Tell It How It Is
  4. Humdrum Blues
  5. Ol' Rat Face
  6. Change In Your Veins
  7. Nobody Owns You