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Walter Schuman / Norbert Glanzberg

The Night Of The Hunter / The Blonde Witch

Finders Keepers Records


Released: 28th Oct 2013


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the finders kreepers imprint has been revived to bring long lost pieces of vintage horror weirdness back into print.

the musical highpoint of Walter Schuman’s ‘The Night Of The Hunter’ score is a haunting piece of high pitched fragility, the lament of the two riverboat runaways fleeing from the house where the submerged dead body of their murdered mother sways in the reeds. the Norbert Glanzberg score to ‘the blonde witch’ skirts the outskirts of the classical horror genre, using shimmering organ &  acoustic guitar to follow the witch as she rows her boat through twilight lakes & echoing caves.

The Night Of The Hunter / The Blonde Witch


  1. Pretty Fly / Lullaby
  2. La Sorciere