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John Robinson Pierce

Music From Mathematics

finders keepers


Released: 25th Nov 2013


originally released in 1960 & 1962 on two unique formats with overlapping tracklists, the seminal ‘music from mathematics showcase project’ marked the phonographic introduction of computer generated music for the first time in the public arena.

almost exclusively created at bell laboratories using an electronic to sound transducer & a state of the art ibm 7090 (complete with a gargantuan 32kb of disposable memory) ‘music from mathematics’ featured multiple random-not-random sound assaults preconceived by a host of technicians-cum-musicians eager to challenge the way humans would make & create music at the turn of the new millennium. amongst a list of pioneering composers, the two original limited releases pressed by decca & bell telephone laboratories feature a majority cross section of recordings by two leading composers - project instigator max mathews & bell laboratories’ stalwart vacuum tube scientist john robinson pierce.

Music From Mathematics


  1. Five Against Seven - Random Canon
  2. Stochatta
  3. Variation In Timbre And Attack
  4. Molto Amoroso
  5. Beat Canon
  6. Melodie