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Max Mathews

Music From Mathematics

finders keepers


Released: 25th Nov 2013


originally released in 1960 & 1962 on two unique formats with overlapping tracklists, the seminal ‘music from mathematics showcase project’ marked the phonographic introduction of computer generated music for the first time in the public arena.

for a man with as many protégés as personal electronic music achievements mathews maintained a strict behind the scenes role despite perhaps his most notable public endorsement when referenced in stanley kubrick’s ‘2001’,which paid homage to his haunting robotic version of ‘daisy bell’ / ‘bicycle made for two’ (which appears here) sung by the hal anti-character. as the man who taught the robot to sing it is fair to state that a vast portion of the electro or techno made by today’s musicians can be technically (undeniably) attributed to mathews’ early achievements exemplified here, & not least substantiated by the fact that the leading visual programming language found in music production software known as max msp remains a testimony to his legacy.

Music From Mathematics


  1. Three Against Four
  2. Numerology
  3. Bicycle Built For Two
  4. The Second Law
  5. May Carol
  6. Joy To The World