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faux discx


Released: 16th Dec 2013


a new project from former Women guitarist-vocalist Patrick Flegel & whilst only five songs are on the 'Nightstalker' EP, just hearing him with a guitar should be enough to get fans of his former work excited.

Flegel is joined by Morgan Cook, who plays things straight and primal against his dissonance & squall, that is when she isn't wailing along with him, like on the opening pair of tantrums that sound like some lost Harry Pussy recording session. It's over in a blink before segueing into 'Knock On My Door'” a spectrally understated pop gem worth playing bleary-eyed at four in the morning. 'Knock' revels in Flegel’s distinctive guitar presence, working shapely lattices of notes into descending sheets of melody in a manner both lulling & forceful, but you remember that from 'Public Strain', right? Post-punk guitar intricacies rarely mesh with pop hooks so masterfully, yet Flegel has proven himself many times to be staggeringly adept at both. With Androgynous Mind he and Cook have striped their ideas to the bone, revealing a thing both harsh & beautiful, direct & engaging.



  1. Bobbi
  2. Good Friday
  3. Knock On My Door
  4. Juanita
  5. Desert Corpse