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high water

the beautiful moon

other people

limited 12"

Released: 29th Nov 2013


High Water carves a path through the cracks in your consciousness and into the valley beyond - So at night, when the sounds begin to drip down from the stars & fall to the earth, lie back into a sweet coma and let the water rise up around you.

Will Epstein sings and screams and bangs on the boards--writing spells for a secret high. The wizard Sekret Khipu is a contributing producer and he lacerates the wind with his fist. Summoning a group of shifting incantations for its first release, 'The Beautiful Moo'. VERY LIMITED LAST COPIES OF THIS SINGLE ON NICOLAS JAAR'S NEW LABEL. High Quality thick rough paper artwork print, 180G Vinyl, LTD to 500 for The World.


the beautiful moon


  1. railroad son
  2. lord of light
  3. forest eyes
  4. someday