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rival dealer



Released: 16th Dec 2013


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limited 12"

Released: 16th Dec 2013


leo recommends : "Another mind-blowingly original release from Burial, continuing his current trend of shape-shifting & sprawling sonic masterworks.

‘Rival Dealer’s dark jungle breaks morph into malevolent techno, sounding crystalline & eerily faded simultaneously. I’m really not sure about ‘Hiders’, it’s a bit too electro power-pop for me but is nevertheless a fascinating addition to the producer’s catalogue. My highlight is ‘Come Down To Us’, a brooding, half-stepping evocation built around eastern scales & beautiful, murky vocals. Described by the man himself as an anti-bullying release, warmth & hope is threaded through these disparate tracks, off-setting the darkness inherent to his oeuvre with honeyed melodies that seep into your being & connect you to a feeling of collective consciousness".

this end of year treat from the enigmatic & influential producer is his most diverse collection yet, touching on ‘90s rave, grimy techno & soulful balladry around his trademark swampy atmospherics. ‘rival dealer’ constantly shape-shifts throughout its 10 minutes, revisiting the strange concrete atmosphere of his more recent singles, while also incorporating old school breaks, those enchanting, submerged vocals & drifting, mournful melodies, using static-y interludes to separate its ghostly jungle & murky techno rhythms. ‘hiders’ is probably his most bizarre offering to date. the only calling card is the strange &  soulful, disembodied vocal that cruises over, what is in essence, a burial-ised ‘80s power ballad. ‘come down to us’ closes the ep, beginning as an exotic ballad, an eastern stringed instrument looping around the half-step beats & soulful vocal, it accelerates into a kind of broken pop song, before dissolving once more into his grains of static.

rival dealer