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Southern Grammar

Merge Records

limited 12" + d/l

Released: 2nd Feb 2015


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a new, limited pressing, 3 song vinyl only ep.

here's what Frontman M.C. Taylor has to say on the release : This three-song collection that we’re calling 'Southern Grammar' is good for a few good reasons. It gives the song “Brother, Do You Know the Road?”—formerly an orphan tune with no fixed address—a proper physical home. It also offers up a song called “He Wrote the Book” that was a near-casualty from the Lateness of Dancers sessions. Finally, this version of “Southern Grammar” shows off the HGM road band, which includes Scott Hirsch, Phil Cook, Matt McCaughan, Matt Douglas, and Alexandra Sauser-Monnig, who are all friends and inspirations. The fine, fine crew at WXPN in Philadelphia engineered the recording of this song and graciously agreed to let us use it for this record."

Southern Grammar


  1. Southern Grammar (Live at WXPN)
  2. He Wrote the Book
  3. Brother, Do You Know the Road?