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Strange Wilds



7" + download

Released: 9th Feb 2015


formed in Olympia, WA in 2012, The band grew out of the fertile Pacific-Northwest punk scene, with members from Negative Press, Outlook, Wreck & a bunch of other punk / hardcore bands of the last few years.

Sometime in 2014, the band settled into the classic, economical, power trio configuration of bass, drums and a single guitar, recording ‘Standing’, their 2nd release. ‘Standing’ is a taut, churning slice of Northwest punk fit for the ages. B-sides ‘Gator Cough’ & ‘Never Warm’ are, respectively, a fist-banging slammer & a slow-burn rumination on low feelings. Strange Wilds’ music is soaked in the deadpan gloom endemic to their home region. It is not music to wallow to, though. Tense, quick & tight, Strange Wilds make anthems for the anxious. Shards of ‘Bleach’-era Nirvana, splinters of Jesus Lizard, even a little Born Against.



  1. Standing
  2. Gator Cough
  3. Never Warm