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The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight

get on down

pink 7"

Released: 20th Apr 2015


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Dominatrix, the short lived synth-pop creation of producer Stuart Argabright, producer Ken Lockie, vocalist Claudia Summers, and keyboardist Peter Baumann are responsible for a record that is widely considered a starting point in the early 80s bridge between 1970s disco and 1980s dance and are widely regarded as pioneers in the 'freestyle' genre that was spawned in NYC in the early 80s.

Many consider the band’s only single, 'The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight' as the very first freestyle record to achieve mainstream success. The risqué subject matter of the song, particularly it’sreferences to S&M and bondage, were rumored to have played a part in major media outlets refusal to play the single, but it did not stop legendary NYC clubs and DJs from propelling the record to #2 on the dance music charts. The record still finds a cult following as an anthem in S&M and bondage circles in the U.S. and Europe and now finds a way to your home turntable by the good folks at Get On Down.

The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight


  1. The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight
  2. Beat Me Scratch Me, Scratch Me Beat Me (Special Scratch Mix) featuring DJ Red Alert