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young ones ep


12" + poster + download

Released: 20th Apr 2015


Title track “Young Ones” is a belting clarion call to the dancefloor, a vigorous, percussive workout which conjures the ghosts of punk funk greats such as Liquid Liquid and The Rapture.

The dreamy “Take it All Away” and hypnotic “No Great Change” however, mark a surprising change of pace, slowing down the tempo and weaving a gorgeous, melancholy spell over the listener. But it is with the closer “Back Then” that Formation flex the sheer diversity of their influences. An infectious, elastic track, it twins the rhythmic drive of the snare with warm organ tones, harking back to the pulsating roots of Northern Soul while also looking defiantly forward, transcending an array of genres while still maintaining their own very distinct identity. Worth a spin for fans of ESG, Dinosaur L & early DFA.

young ones ep


  1. young ones
  2. take it all away
  3. no great change
  4. back then