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limited 7"

Released: 26th Jul 2019

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'Yoghurt' is the seed that began the sonic journey that led to the sound and shape of MOHIT.

It was the first recorded song, the very spark. Many of the avenues explored in other songs are present in this piece; the use of loops, beat-lead sections, evocative harmonies and sonic landscapes, stretching to the most intense moments. The process of making the song conduced the reciprocal understanding of each member’s input and their sensitivities to it, resulting in a path through unfamiliar grounds for the listener to navigate. The B-side to this second instalment is Reggaeezer. The song is a snapshot of an impromptu jam at the band’s Whitechapel dwelling when they were joined by Marky Mark; a local homeless man who went on to imbue the music with a deeper meaning. His lyric, “Stand alone, on my own” speak of his life on the streets, the melody, manifests his courageous optimism. The lyrics in the first half of the song introduce this event, accompanied by a calypso groove and ethereal harmonies. This weaves itself into a more expansive and melancholic section where Marky takes centre stage. The live show is heavier and more energetic than the record, with alternative intros/outros interluding between songs. Set-lists are inherently a different space for the music to inhabit, and so there is a heavy focus on curating a narrative backdrop behind the songs. Allowing the songs to continue to live, breathe, and move in their own ways; MOHIT respect their wishes when performing, and therefore song-structure may change depending on the show.



  1. Yoghurt
  2. Reggaeezer