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demolition plot j-7

Drag City

limited gold 7"

Released: 18th Jul 2014


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reissue of the band's second ep, originally released in 1990.

The EP was the band's first release on Chicago independent label Drag City, and its first release that was not self-issued. Demolition Plot J-7 shared many of the same indie and punk rock influences of Pavement's 1989 debut 'Slay Tracks' (1933-1969), but also diversified the group's sound by incorporating keyboards. Many of the songs on Demolition J-7 were written while Scott Kannberg and Jason Fawkes were in their short-lived band, Pa. After Stephen Malkmus heard demos recorded by Pa, the songs turned into a Pavement project. The recording session for Demolition J-7 was more difficult than for Slay Tracks due to tension between producer Gary Young and Fawkes. The EP received favourable reception from critics and fans, and solidified the band's cult fanbase.

demolition plot j-7


  1. Fork Lift
  2. Spizzle Trunk
  3. Recorder Grot
  4. Internal K-Dart
  5. Perfect Depth
  6. Recorder Grot (Rally)