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Various Artists : Wick Records: Battle Of The Bands Vol.1

Wick Records: Battle Of The Bands Vol.1 (rsd 20)

Wick Records / Daptone

record store day 2020 - black swirl lp + download

Released: 24th Oct 2020


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Exclusive to RSD 2020, Wick Records is pleased to bring you a collection of wigged-out winners sure to rock you deep into the inter-dimensional fray.

.. Dig on track after track of superior sounds: The fuzz-fueled freak-outs of The Mystery Lights; the swirling, mind-altering melodies of Michael Rault; the troglodytic tune-smithery of The Ar-Kaics; the anglophilic grooves of Benny Trokan, and The Fame-Beats; the Link Wray inspired madness of the Buzz Brothers; the soul-tinged savagery of The Jay Vons; as well as tracks from newcomers, Steady Sun and Eric McEntee; and beyond! Some of the tracks will be available for the first time on vinyl! This is one helluva compilation, folks. Don't sleep on it - Wick is watching!

Wick Records: Battle Of The Bands Vol.1 (rsd 20)


  1. Michael Rault "I'll Be There"
  2. The Ar-Kaics "She's Obsessed with Herself"
  3. The Mystery Lights "What Happen When you Turn the Devil Down"
  4. Mark Sultan "Let Me Out"
  5. Mystery Lights "Someone Else is in Control"
  6. Steady Sun "Truth is a Needle"
  7. Benny Trokan "Get it in the End"
  8. The Ar-Kaics "Just My Life"
  9. The Fame-Beats "Watford Stomp"
  10. T. Benny and the Buzz Bros. "Gimme a Buzz"
  11. Michael Rault "Sitting Still"
  12. The Jay Vons "Did You See Here"
  13. Johnny's Uncalled Four "Daydream