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Sonic Youth

Spinhead Sessions



Released: 17th Jun 2016


lp + download

Released: 17th Jun 2016


The slow-burn sounds of Sonic Youth’s 1986 rehearsals to score Ken Friedman’s spooky highway film 'Made In USA', are yet another mile marker in the band’s long & varied existence.

now being issued as 'Spinhead Sessions', These jams were later built upon for a full-on (& quite different) soundtrack production, but the rough sketches here find the band taking time with truly new & introspective sound worlds. Guitar harmonics billow like smoke, heavily reverbed drumming & shimmering cymbals echo from what sounds like the bottom of a deep mine. This newly born 'Spinhead Sessions' release once again defines Sonic Youth in a raw & engaging state of discovery at a terrific time. It’s an entirely unique animal, a meditative album where you can soak in the template of tapping overtones, sedate explorations of new chords, even sounding at times like AMM trying to play the VU’s 'Sweet Sister Ray' bootleg or something similar.

Spinhead Sessions


  1. Ambient Guitar & Dreamy Theme
  2. Theme With Noise
  3. High Mesa
  4. Unknown Theme
  5. Wolf
  6. Scalping
  7. Theme 1 Take 4