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Sun Araw

On Patrol

Sun Ark

2lp (reissue)

Released: 16th Sep 2013


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tuning in on a much darker, sparser & more classically minded channel than its predecessors, this monster opus gets a vinyl reissue.

initially launched solely as a recording project for magic lantern guitarist cameron stallones, sun araw quickly transformed into a stunning live act as well, bolstered by a string of rapturously received lps. drawing equally upon 70’s kraut-psych rock, spacemen 3-style drug blues & woozy tropical world music, sun araw’s universe is a rapidly expanding one. this remarkable record carries on in a distorted, sludgy, droney manner with some fantastic trippy sounds merging with some kind of meandering free-rock dream world. trash blues sounds from another solar system. highly recommended!


On Patrol


  1. Ma Holo
  2. Beat Cop
  3. The Stakeout (ft W Giacchi)
  4. Conga Mind
  5. Deep Cover
  6. High Slide
  7. The Stakeout: Reprise (ft W Giacchi)
  8. Dimension Alley
  9. Holodeck Blues