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Released: 19th May 2014


perfectly tattered psychedelia - 'Revelation' is the 14th full-length from the project, with Mr Anton Alfred Newcombe having been one of the only constants over the years, this time in complete control of writing, recording, production & most of the performances.

Much like 2012's 'Aufheben', 'Revelation' is a pastiche of old & new influences, trading in some of the Krautrock influence & extended jams of the albums before it for murkier experiments with Eastern folk (as on the crumbling lo-fi acoustics & woodwinds of 'Second Sighting'), ornate goth rock with subtle horn arrangements ('Fistful of Bees', 'Food for Clouds') & a whole lot of strung-out psychedelia. Worshiping at the altar of both the Stones in their most woolen production moments & the narcotic euphoria of Spacemen 3, Newcombe delivers another slice of his breed of highly evolved rock & roll genius with this album.






  1. Vad Hände Med Dem?
  2. What You Isn't
  3. Unknown
  4. Memory Camp
  5. days, weeks and moths
  6. Duck and Cover
  7. Food For Clouds
  8. Second Sighting
  9. Memorymix
  10. Fist Full Of Bees
  11. Nightbird
  12. Xibalba
  13. Goodbye (Butterfly)