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Cold Spring Fault Less Youth



Released: 27th May 2013


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2lp + download

Released: 12th Jun 2013


although the focus is more on live instrumentation; crisp beats & production, brooding melodies & electronic soundscapes still reign supreme.

opening with a haze of rainy saturday, jazz tinged tones, their distinct blanket of enshrouding, nostalgic electronic melody & skilfully produced, yet downbeat & understated beats immediately blanket you in a beautiful aura. the vocals are pushed to the front as well, allowing their soothing south london tones due space to resonate in the mix. king krule crops up to provide guest vocals on the more upbeat jazz-rhythm garage of 'you took your time' & the ghostpoet reminiscent 'meter, pale, tone'. elsewhere 'blood & form' is a head spinning slice of vocal idm while 'so many times...' finds them approaching the live sound of heliocentrics or rocketnumbernine.

Cold Spring Fault Less Youth


  1. Home Recording
  2. You Took Your Time (ft King Krule)
  3. Break Well
  4. Blood And Form
  5. Made To Stray
  6. So Many Times, So Many
  7. Ways
  8. Lie Near
  9. Meter, Pale, Tone (ft King Krule)
  10. Slow
  11. Sullen Ground
  12. Fall Out