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Rodrigo Amarante




Released: 16th Jul 2021



Released: 16th Jul 2021


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This is Rodrigo Amarante’s first solo record.

It was made during an unexpected but very welcome exile, in a land he wouldn't have predicted he’d linger for too long; the west of the west. But the sense of distance and his newly acquired refreshing anonymity kept him staying. Rodrigo found himself leaning on that distance, projecting onto it, the space echoing back to him with a new voice. Cavalo means horse in Portuguese, a word also used for people who channel spirits in service, something normal to Brazilians. Another instance of an amalgam between vehicle and vehiculated, and writing these songs felt like that, an attempt to merge these often conflicting voices, the mind, and the gut.



  1. Nada Em Vão Hourglass Mon Nom Irene Maná Fall Asleep The Ribbon O Cometa Cavalo Tardei