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Sister Pat Hall

Do Your Thing

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Released: 13th Aug 2021


The Holy grail of Bolan’s unreleased soul recordings as producer, includes completely unheard version of Do Your Thing taken from newly acquired original reels.

It features completely reworked version of classic T. Rex Tracks ‘Jitterbug Love’, ‘Get it On’, ‘Sunken Rags’, and the never released in Marc’s lifetime ‘Sailors of the highway’. Aside from some self-released gospel recordings Pat Hall never released anything again. This album remains the sole released recordings of this extraordinary singer.

Do Your Thing


  1. Jitterbug Love
  2. Tell Me Now
  3. Ghetto Baby Blues
  4. Sailors of the Highway
  5. Get It On
  6. Big Black Cat
  7. High
  8. Do Your Thing
  9. Sunken Rags
  10. City Port
  11. When I Was A Child
  12. Do Your Thing Take #5