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Fugazi (Deluxe Edition)


3cd + bluray

Released: 10th Sep 2021


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In March 1984, Marillion released their second studio album Fugazi, which went on to be certified Gold and reach number 5 in the UK albums charts.

The classic album spawned two singles Assassing and Punch & Judy, both reaching #22 and #29 on the UK singles charts respectively. Fugazi will be celebrated with a 3CD/Blu- ray book which will be released on 10th September. Fugazi was the first Marillion album to feature Ian Mosley on drums and percussion, replacing Mick Pointer after the highly successful Script For A Jester’s Tear. It also included Fish, Steve Rothery, Pete Trewavas and Mark Kelly. Fugazi (Deluxe Edition) opens with brand-new 2021 remixed stereo versions by Andy Bradfield and Avril Mackintosh, who also remixed the deluxe editions of Script For A Jester’s Tear and Clutching At Straws. It also includes a show from The Spectrum, Montreal, Canada recorded in 1984. The performance includes fan favourites from both Fugazi and their debut album Script For A Jester’s Tear in the form of tracks such as Jigsaw, Incubus, He Knows You Know, Chelsea Monday and much more. It also features a performance of the B-side Charting The Single. The Blu-ray also contains a compelling look at the fascinating story behind Fugazi in a new documentary, entitled The Performance Has Just Begun, which features all the band members talking about how the album came to fruition. This is followed by the band giving an insightful track-by-track commentary of the album, as well as the music video of Assassing with both the original and remix audio. It also feature 96k/24-bit versions of both the new Fugazi stereo remix and the Live at The Spectrum, Montreal, Canada concert and contains a 5.1 surround sound version of the new 2021 stereo remix of Fugazi.

Fugazi (Deluxe Edition)


CD1: Stereo Album 2021 Remix

1. Assassing (7:01)

2. Punch And Judy (3:22)

3. Jigsaw (6.49)

4. Emerald Lies (5:08)

5. She Chameleon (6:53)

6. Incubus (8:30)

7. Fugazi (8:02)


CD2: Live at The Spectrum, Montreal, Canada, 20th June 1984 (Part 1)

1. Assassing (7:28)

2. Punch And Judy (4:03)

3. Jigsaw (6.34)

4. Script For A Jester's Tear (9:00)

5. Chelsea Monday (8:15)

6. Emerald Lies (5:21)

7. Cinderella Search (5:47)

8. Incubus (9.00)


CD3: Live at The Spectrum,  Montreal, Canada, 20th June 1984 (Part 2)

1. Charting the Single (7:02)

2. He Knows You Know (5:56)

3. Fugazi (9:11) 

4. Forgotten Sons (11:03)

5. Garden Party (6.35)

6.  Market Square Heroes (10:46)




  • Fugazi 2021 Stereo Remix
    • 96/24 Stereo LPCM / DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 / 96/24 5.1 LPCM


Punch & Judy


Emerald Lies

She Chameleon



  • Live in Montreal 1984
    • 96/24 Stereo LPCM


Punch & Judy


Script for a Jester’s Tear

Chelsea Monday

Emerald Lies

Cinderella Search


Charting the Single

He Knows You Know


Forgotten Sons

Garden Party

Market Square Heroes

  • Extra Tracks
    • 48/16 Stereo LPCM

Cinderella Search (Extended Single)

Assassing (Alternate Mix)

Three Boats Down From The Candy

Punch & Judy (Demo)

She Chameleon (Demo)

Emerald Lies (Demo)

Incubus (Demo)



  • The Performance Has Just Begun - The Story of Fugazi
  • The Story of the Songs - Track by Track
  • Assassing Promo Video
  • Fugazi Live - Hear We Go - Swiss TV 1984
  • Backstage Interview / Assassing / Punch & Judy / Jigsaw / Cinderella Search / Incubus / Garden Party /  Market Square Heroes