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AMS Records

record store day 2015 - white vinyl 7"

Released: 18th Apr 2015

£19.99 £9.99

Another great exclusive from AMS Records, taken from the Cinevox catalogue, a record label from Rome specialized in soundtracks.

"Chi?" is probably unheard by many, but it’s probably known by those who are already Goblin's fans. The band, after the success of "Profondo Rosso" and the less known - but still beautiful - "Roller", started to record more frequently. "Chi?", almost-7-minutes in length, is divided into two equal parts on both sides of this 45rpm, and it's the theme of the eponymous TV program transmitted on Rai Uno channel in 1976. It's no coincidence that it sounds very close to "Roller", the second Goblin album recorded in an inspirational period (the masterpiece "Suspiria" would soon follow), and could easily be an outtake from that record. This single, especially released for Record Store Day 2015 (April 18th), is the first ever reissue of the original 7". Moreover, "Chi?" has never been released in any CD or LP compilation since 1976.