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Eric Feremans

The Antwerp Killer

Finders Keepers Records


Released: 20th Nov 2015


‘The Antwerp Killer’ remains a prime document of the broody Belgian 80s & a heck of a soundtrack - Beautifully remastered, with the full cooperation of Eric Feremans himself.

the Teenage movie maverick meets synth scientist for bespoke Belgian B-movie. One of the rarest vinyl horror soundtracks of all time, 1983’s ‘The Antwerp Killer’ is the rest of the remarkable homemade electronic experiments of the wunderkind synth designer and his unison with a smart-talking teenage movie maverick to create something almost unfathomable in the process. Combining self-propelled punk attitude and uninhibited confidence, the hyper pro-active work of these DIY prodigies pinpoints an important era where youthful ambition and creative technology meet. By the early 70s Eric Fereman’s experiments with synths were becoming more and more complex and he even played a concert with Belgian electronica pioneer Karel Goeyvaerts. Eric decided to create his own school where he would teach his pupils to make build synthesisers and how to play them. The EEF (Eric E Feremans) was created. The build-your-own packages were created by volunteers and around 20 or 30 are said to have been made. After being a guest in a national television show the demand for courses exploded and Eric was lecturing nationally and internationally, even attracting the king of the Amsterdam Mafia who would be driven down from Amsterdam with two body guards in his Rolls Royce every week. One day Eric had a visit from Luc Veldeman, a sixteen-year-old with a manner of speech way beyond his age and larger than life projects. Eric was in the process of making Antwerp’s first crime movie called ‘The Antwerp Killer’. He had seen Eric play live and he wanted some of his music to be used as the score and to press as an album to promote the film. Upon their first meeting Veldeman wanted a tape to convince his financial investors. Eric gave him one of the rare recordings he had made with the synthesizer, a session he had just recorded upon installing his new studio; a session, according to Eric, that was the result of the pure joy he experienced of having such a wonderful sounding machine in his studio and the bottle of vodka he downed during the session. That session was cut up by Veldeman and it was turned into the soundtrack of ‘The Antwerp Killer’. Eric ended up playing a cop in the film and ‘The Antwerp Killer’ was shown as the opening of the Knokke Film Festival in 1983. The press and the audience were honest in their opinions - bad acting, bad editing, bad script, cool soundtrack though.


The Antwerp Killer


  1. Theme The Antwerp
  2. Killer Beat
  3. Hippy Song
  4. Theme 2
  5. Harbour Fight
  6. Persecution
  7. Cathedral Bloody Lady
  8. Theme 3