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Masahiko Sato


Finders Keepers Records


Released: 4th Dec 2015


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An unholy grail of near mythical status finally gets the reissue it deserves from the wonderful folks over at Finders Keepers Records - Masahiko Sato’s elusive sensual psychedelic free jazz score to the stunning Japanese witchcraft animation ‘Belladonna Of Sadness’ (‘Kanashimi no Belladonna’) is simply stunning.

An early feature-length example of a micro-genre in which Japanese anime producers collaborated with the ‘pink’ film genre, Belladonna’s challenging occult, sexual and political subject matter was the cause of the film’s notoriety for many years, earning Yamamoto’s work a critical platform amongst some of the best counterculture animation films of the era such as ‘La Planète Sauvage’ ( René Laloux / Roland T poor, France 1973), ‘Marie Mathématique’ (Jean-Claude Forest, France 1967), ‘Wizards’ (Ralph Bakshi, US 1977), ‘Heavy Metal’ (Gerald Potterton, Canada 1980) and ‘Time Masters’ (René Laloux / Moebius, France 1982). Over the last decade ‘Belladonna Of Sadness’ has risen from the ashes and now shines brighter than ever. ‘Belladonna’ has been used as nightclub projections by clued-up VJs and been restored by discerning feminist folk singers and improv bands while influencing illustrators, fashion designers and other creative types along the way.



  1. Andy Warhol
  2. Belladoona
  3. Valle Incantata
  4. The Notice Is Notice
  5. Mr. London
  6. Little Flower
  7. Funny Feeling
  8. TBSF
  9. Take It Easy