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Alien (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

jerry goldsmith (2017 reissue)


limited 180g 2lp

Released: 24th Nov 2017


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it’d be a shame if this soundtrack were in space because then we wouldn’t be able to hear it.

this is An absolutely essential soundtrack for, not only fans of the franchise, but of the legendary composer, and of science fiction and horror cinema itself. There is no doubt that ‘Alien’ is a monumental achievement in movie-making: it’s tense, terrifying and pretty damn untouchable. The score is a masterclass in building tension and scaring the hell out of you within the film but it’s also a beautifully orchestrated stand-alone listen full of excitement that harks back to many of the rollicking adventure scores of the 40s & 50s. if this gets you all excited, have a look for Prometheus, interstellar, or terminator.

jerry goldsmith (2017 reissue)


  1. Main Title 4:12
  2. Hyper Sleep 2:46
  3. The Landing 4:31
  4. The Terrain 2:21
  5. The Craft 1:00
  6. The Passage 1:49
  7. The Skeleton 2:31
  8. A New Face 2:34
  9. Hanging On 3:39
  10. The Lab 1:05
  11. Drop Out 0:57
  12. Nothing To Say 1:51
  13. Cat Nip 1:01
  14. Here Kitty 2:08
  15. The Shaft 4:30
  16. It's A Droid 3:28
  17. Parker's Death 1:52
  18. The Eggs 2:23
  19. Sleepy Alien 1:04
  20. To Sleep 1:56
  21. The Cupboard 3:05
  22. Out The Door 3:13
  23. End Title 3:09