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Mac Quayle

Mr Robot Vol. 4 (Original Television Series Soundtrack)

Invada Records


Released: 23rd Mar 2018


crystal clear w/ black & white splatter 2lp

Released: 23rd Mar 2018


more mr.

robot excellence for the synthesist, again brining to mind works by composers such as Cliff Martinez, Cabaret Voltaire and Vangelis. but this is ultimately its own dark, unnerving beast - at times strange, dreamy and atmospheric, whilst being almost unbearably claustrophobic at others. Mac Quayle’s previous credits include ‘Drive’, ‘Only God Forgives’ and ‘Spring Breakers’ with Cliff Martinez. Custom illustrated jacket concept and design by award winning art director John Bergin.

Mr Robot Vol. 4 (Original Television Series Soundtrack)


  1. 2.5_1-h4ndshake.oga
  2. 2.5_2-being-gods.opus
  3. 2.5_3-nginx.ivs
  4. 2.5_4-youaremy4nswer.msv
  5. 2.5_5-rev0lution.act
  6. 2.6_1-h1dden-pr0cess.dvf
  7. 2.7_1-init_5.fve
  8. 2.7_2-this1sourstop.dss
  9. 2.8_1-audit0ry-space.tta
  10. 2.8_2-ph4se.vox
  11. 2.9_1-hardcashfading.mmf
  12. 2.9_2-hang1nthere.dct
  13. 2.9_3-woman0ftime.m4b
  14. 2.9_4-silentobserver.webm
  15. 2.9_5-pyth0n.sln
  16. 2.9_6-discr33tplace.amr
  17. 2.9_7-youPOS.ape
  18. 2.9_8-blueprints.3gp
  19. 2.9_9-takeb4ckcontrol.act