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Mark Jenkin

Bait (Original Score)


heavyweight blue lp + download

Released: 17th Jan 2020


exceptional drone-weaving from the multi-talented filmmaker and instrumentalist.

“Mark Jenkin amazingly directed, edited and composed the score himself for the resolutely DIY yet hugely successful film”. Jenkin: "I started playing around with some drone ideas as a distraction from the editing of the film something to take my mind off the cutting," he,says, "I was experimenting with delays and reverbs and decay and I began to feel that there was a nautical theme to the sounds that I was making "An original drone was created very separate to the film but then I realised it might work as a score From there I created a set of about 12 drones (eight of which are on the album) which were mostly variations on a theme and I began to place them in the edit to match the score The drones work very well with the sounds of the sea, which is pretty much omni present throughout the film and makes it easier to embed a drone without it being a big  statement.

Bait (Original Score)


  1. Polmeor Rising
  2. We're Here Now
  3. Winner Stays On
  4. Ring Bolt Billy
  5. P.L.C.
  6. Another Tuss
  7. You Go Home Now
  8. Polmeor Falling