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lee scratch perry

Scratch & Company - The Upsetters Chapter 1



Released: 20th Jun 2012


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matches a handful of the producer's known collaborators & a series of more obscure figures, creating an assemblage of pulsating organs, distorted guitar scratches, & deep bass.

Vocals come in the form of the standard dub production fragments ('Curly Dub') & occasional Rasta philosophizing ('Who You Gonna Run To' 'When Jah Come'). The most striking moment is 'Tighten Up', an infectious tune with banal lyrics & fine groove transformed by Perry's absurd production methods. Warped beyond belief, it's as if Perry placed the entire track underwater just to see what it sounded like, then sat back, satisfied with his creation. Scratch & Company contains some fine music for those looking deeper into the producer's catalog.

Scratch & Company - The Upsetters Chapter 1


  1. The Upsetters – Scratch The Dub Organizer
  2. Johnny Lover & The Towerchanters – Who You Gonna Run To
  3. Lee Perry & The Blue Bell – Tighten Up
  4. Val Bennett & The Upsetters – Serious Joke
  5. Brad Osbourne & The Towerchanters – Little Flute Chant
  6. Devon Irons – When Jah Comes
  7. The Upsetters - Stratch Walking
  8. Lee Perry & The Black Arks – Come Along
  9. Bunny & Ricky – Bush Weed Corn Trash
  10. The Upsetters – Curly Dub