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big joe, the aggrovators / revolutionaries

rocking and swinging

striker lee/reggae retro

180g lp

Released: 7th Oct 2013


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the next album in a series of re-releases of rare & hard to find 1970’s Roots vocal, DJ & Instrumental albums produced & arranged by Bunny "Striker" Lee.

This release features D.J.(JA) Big Joe (Joseph Spaulding). The LP was originally released on the Uk Live & Love label in 1977. All 12 tracks are in the same track running order as the original release & are the original mixes. The album was recorded & mixed in Kingston (JA). The album features many popular Bunny “Striker” Lee produced JA mid 1970's rhythms.

rocking and swinging


  1. Keep Rocking & Swinging
  2. Sufferation In The Ghetto
  3. Living In Sin
  4. Rich Man
  5. Natty All In A Row
  6. Natty Gone A UK
  7. Rocking Round Town
  8. Go Deh With A Natty Dread
  9. A De Works
  10. Human Race
  11. Heart To Be Pure
  12. When You Bound, You Must Obey