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rise up: the riz records story

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Released: 27th Jan 2014


a lovingly compiled & annotated testament to the nascent UK roots/dub scene of the 1990s.

With an output that spanned most of the decade & a catalogue that stretched beyond the usual handful of singles to include some very strong albums, Riz was a powerhouse for the revival of UK reggae & the growth in its popularity that continues to this day. This is a fantastic selection of 15 of the best the label has to offer. If that wasn't enough, six of the tracks feature exclusive disco mixes from Rootikal's David Hill whilst tracks from Willie Williams & Earl 16 are previously unreleased.

rise up: the riz records story


  1. Johnny Osbourne 'Rise Up' Rootikal discomix
  2. Admirel Tibet 'Permission'
  3. RAS 'The Garden'
  4. Orville Smith 'Fight Fight' Rootikal discomix
  5. Indica All Stars 'Open Our Eyes' (Phoebes Cut)
  6. Danny Red 'Dance Get Overload' discomix
  7. Bob Skeng 'Education' Rootikal discomix
  8. RAS feat. Earl Sixteen 'Natural Roots'
  9. Orville Smith 'Financial Circumstance' Rootikal discomix
  10. Willie Williams 'Saints' Rootikal discomix
  11. Orville Smith 'Builder's Temple'
  12. Manasseh meets The Equalizer 'Absentee Dub'
  13. Earl 16 'Always on the Run'
  14. Mikey Mystic 'South Africa'
  15. Manasseh meets The Equalizer 'Souljah