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The Abyssinians

Arise (2015 reissue)



Released: 21st Aug 2015


A truly legendary album from the heyday of reggae here has the deluxe reissue treatment with an extra eight tracks.

Originally released in ’78 to huge acclaim in the uk, the album has gone down as something of an essential for anyone interested in the impact of reggae in the uk. Close harmonies, brilliant rhythms and political lyrics have made the Abyssinians’ ‘arise’ an essential album.

Arise  (2015 reissue)


  1. Oh Lord
  2. This Land Is For Everyone
  3. Mightiest Of All
  4. Meditation
  5. Wicked Men
  6. Jah Loves
  7. Dem A Come
  8. South African Enlistment
  9. Hey You
  10. Let My Days Be Long
  11. This Land
  12. Wicked Men
  13. Long Days
  14. South African Enlistment
  15. praise Him
  16. Praise Him
  17. Forward Jah
  18. Forward Jah