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Millie Small

The Best Of Millie Small

caroline international


Released: 18th Nov 2016


After exploding onto the music scene in the spring of 1964, the Jamaican teen sensation, Millie Small popularised the sound of ska around the globe with her enduring smash hit, ‘My Boy Lollipop’.

Further British hits followed in ‘Sweet William’ and ‘Bloodshot Eyes’, while over the years that immediately followed she remained a prominent figure on the British entertainment scene, recording in a variety of styles for. In the early seventies, Millie moved to Trojan, then the world’s leading Jamaican record company, but in 1971, she dramatically and abruptly called time on her singing career, with her fans still awaiting her return, some 45 years later. This 2CD set brings together Millie’s hugely collectable ‘best of’ and ‘More Millie’ collections from 1966 and 1964, respectively, while also featuring her non-album Island and Fontana work from the sixties.

The Best Of Millie Small


  1. In A Dream
  2. Oh, Henry
  3. Three Nights A Week
  4. Sweet William
  5. That's How Strong My Love Is
  6. Chicken Feed
  7. My Boy Lollipop
  8. Bloodshot Eyes
  9. Tell Me Right Now
  10. Carry Go Bring Come
  11. Walkin' To New Orleans
  12. Wings Of A Dove
  13. Bring It On Home To Me
  14. Killer Joe
  15. Since I Met You Baby
  16. You Better Forget
  17. It's Too Late
  18. Chilly Kisses
  19. I Am In Love
  20. Hey Boy, Hey Girl
  21. My Street
  22. This Is My Story
  23. Don't You Know
  24. I’m Blue (The Gong Going Song)
  25. Pledging My Love
  26. I've Been Around
  27. I Like Mike
  28. I've Fallen In Love With A Snowman

Bonus disc More Millie:

  1. Sugar Dandy
  2. Do-Re-Mi
  3. Since You've Been Gone
  4. Something's Gotta Be Done
  5. Bluey Louey
  6. He's Mine
  7. What Am I Living For
  8. I'm In Love Again
  9. Tom Hark
  10. See You Later Alligator
  11. Ooh Ooh
  12. Be My Guest
  13. (I Love The) Way You Love
  14. The Vow
  15. Tongue Tied
  16. Until You're Mine
  17. Hold Hands
  18. My Desire
  19. A Mixed Up Fickle Moody Self Centered, Spoiled Kind Of Boy
  20. I'll Never Believe In You
  21. When I Dance With You
  22. The Bournvita Song
  23. Hey Mr. Love
  24. My Very Good Friend The Milkman
  25. Peaches ‘N’ Cream
  26. My Boy Lollipop (German version)
  27. Readin', Writin', Arithmetic
  28. I Want You Never To Stop