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Released: 28th Jun 2019


Retrospective ska album that sets the record straight on the history of the genre.

You must have wondered how it all began with the Jamaican beat music called Ska. It was “Duke” Reid from Western Kingston who developed this beat based on the indigenous music of Jamaica. It was way back in 1952 and then “Duke” called it ‘Rhythm ’n Blues’. Exciting, hypnotic, a mixture of Jamaican folk music and rock ’n roll. Duke Reid, lover of music and the deep rolling rhythms of his Jamaican people heard the beat develop from watching his people dance. He got himself an amplified “Sound system” and while hiring it out for dances, he listened and he watched the back streets and dance halls of Kingston come alive - and his dream was born.



  1. Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Carry Go Bring Come
  2. Babba Brooks - River Bank
  3. Babba Brooks - Musical Communion
  4. Roland Alphonso - Feeling Fine
  5. Babba Brooks - Strongman Sampson
  6. Justin Hinds & The Dominoes with The Skatalite Band - Over The River
  7. Owen & Leon Silvera with The Skatalite Band - Next Door Neighbour
  8. Babba Brooks - When I Call Your Name
  9. Stranger & Patsy With Babba Brooks & His Band - Yeah, Yeah, Baby
  10. The Skatalite Band - Hog In A Cocoa
  11. Frank Anderson with The Skatalite Band - Musical Storeroom
  12. Justin Hinds & The Dominoes with The Skatalite Band - Corner Stone