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Once Upon A Time (2020 ressue)



Released: 3rd Apr 2020


limited ochre 2lp

Released: 3rd Apr 2020



Released: 3rd Apr 2020


Booming reissue from high-impact era Dreadzone.

following the release of dreadzone’s dance-floor infused 4th album ‘sound’ in 2001 the need to take the album live would see a change of line-up. new man ben balafonic took on touring duties and moved his mixing desk into the dread central studio in west london to start a brand new partnership. along with new live mc spee and greg dread’s brother steve a team was building that would go on to create a tougher more mc driven skanking spin on the bass heavy dread sound. 

Once Upon A Time (2020 ressue)


  1. First Steps Intro
  2. King Dub Rock
  3. Once Upon A Time (In Jamaica)
  4. Iron Shirt
  5. Dancehall Priority
  6. Elevate
  7. Games People Play
  8. I Know
  9. The Warriors
  10. Here We Go
  11. Ska Con Queso
  12. First Steps