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Tongue and Groove

21 CC


Released: 30th Sep 2022


This album is a journey through a kaleidoscope of musical influences ranging from sunshine 70s California singer-songwriter pop to Steely Dan, D’Angelo, Soul II Soul & the far-out deep cuts from Paul McCartney’s solo discography.

Opening with the powerful voice of writer Ursula K le Guin, intoning on the power of words to affect societal change, this is no ordinary listen Its creation was an epic, pandemic-interrupted peregrination taking in sessions in Paris (where the cigarette-stained keys of Serge Gainsbourg’s Steinway graced the tape), London and of course Margate

Tongue and Groove

  1. The Divine Right of Kings
  2. 3 Kisses
  3. Lachrymose
  4. Diskoball
  5. Warm Feeling
  6. Brunch 4 U
  7. Good Love
  8. What Makes You Think You Can Do It?
  9. Sweep It Out Your Hair
  10. The Water
  11. A Friend Indeed