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μ-Ziq & Mrs Jynx (mu-ziq)

Secret Garden


limited green lp

Released: 21st Jan 2022



Released: 19th Nov 2021


an opus of deeply personal moments of grief, depicted in a feeling of serene, misty tranquility that makes it easy to get lost in.

Davidson and Paradinas settled on the title 'Secret Garden' due to the melodic vista which unexpectedly opened up before them on the final track. The album truly is a melodic exploration that is so often missed in this genre. There are twists and turns in mood, from the pastoral loveliness of 'Jynxiq' and 'Unheard Melodies' which fall away to the dubby beats of 'Hi Jynx'; the sadness of 'Loss' leading into the beatless forlorn 'The Ballad of Darth Vader. The album ups the pace with the muffled kicks and warm atmosphere of 'Afternoon Sunshine', which sets the tone for the happier mood of the second half. This all leads up to the album's denoeument in final track 'Secret Garden' whose naïve meandering synth melodies, orchestral accompaniment and glockenspiel end the album in happy resolution.

Secret Garden


  1. Jynxiq
  2. Unheard Melodies
  3. Hi Jynx
  4. Loss
  5. The Ballad Of Darth Vader
  6. Afternoon Sunshine
  7. Cocker Boo
  8. Philip Steak
  9. Hulo
  10. The Secret Garden