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nuclear blast


Released: 19th Nov 2021


THERION have always been a band that have challenged themselves to explore new paths, while remaining true to their musical core values.

For their 17th studio album, mastermind Christofer Johnsson and his collaborator Thomas Vikström have created something that has been previously unthinkable to the guitarist and the singer. "We have done the only thing that was left of all the different angles to explore", explains Christofer. "We have decided to give the people what they kept asking for. 'Leviathan' is the first album that we have deliberately packed with THERION hit songs." True to the Swede's words, the album opens with the catchy and swift tune 'The Leaf Of The Oak Of Far' featuring female and male antiphonal singing as well as a choir that seems to have evolved straight out of THERION's breakthrough full-length "Theli" (1996). This is immediately followed by the obvious highlight 'Tuonela', in which Christofer cleverly underscores this hit-track's Finnish vibe by employing NIGHTWISH’s "metal voice" Marko Hietala. Next up in this parade of future fan-favourites is the title track 'Leviathan' that offers classic THERION material with operatic female vocals and a massive choir.



  1. The Leaf on the Oak of Far
  2. Tuonela
  3. Leviathan
  4. Die Wellen der Zeit
  5. Aži Dahāka
  6. Eye of Algol
  7. Nocturnal Light
  8. Great Marquis of Hell
  9. Psalm of Retribution
  10. El Primer Sol
  11. Ten Courts of Diyu