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not to disappear


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Released: 15th Jan 2016


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Released: 15th Jan 2016


the task of matching their 2013 debut 'If You Leave' - a peerless, wholly immersive, widely acclaimed & adored (especially by us) album - was always going to be an unenviable one.

the solution it seems was to up the ante on every level Building on that record’s gloriously dark intensity, wracked emotion & come-hither diaphanous textures, the london-based trio's sophomore is Profoundly ruminative & mournful, bold & direct. there are still intricate dynamics at play – Tonra’s gauzy, fragile voice, delivering powerful, anguished words detailing her inner turmoil, fusing seamlessly with Haefeli’s tight, melodic guitar sounds & Aguilella’s rolling drums – but the sound, oozing with depth & resonance, feels infinitely richer. It’s properly intoxicating stuff which explores melancholy & euphoria equally impressively, similarly to Sigur Rós, low or lanterns on the lake. "muscular & compelling...genuinely exciting" 8/10 - drowned in sound.


not to disappear

  1. New Ways
  2. Numbers
  3. Doing The Right Thing
  4. How
  5. Mothers
  6. Alone
  7. With You
  8. No Care
  9. To Belong
  10. Fossa
  11. Made Of Stone