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alas salvation



Released: 13th May 2016


lp + dl

Released: 13th May 2016


a ridiculously wired & ambitious record that refuses to be pigeonholed - this electrifying london trio have channelled their ferocious live experience into this insane & utterly addictive debut.

Yet beneath all the head-spinning chaos lies a beating heart of great melodicism & a hyperactively eclectic & inventive approach to making music - one that ignores every rule in the book. with Pulp legend Steve Mackey at the controls, they veer between ty segall  / fuzz's gritty-grungey glam-rock stomp, radiohead's more restless & frantic workouts, tame impala's early kaleido-psych, the stooges' urgency, the cramps' garage rock.....& it's all done at a pace that barely lets up (not that you'd want it to). f***'ing fabulous! "yak's galloping songs are slathered with thick, fuzzed out guitar & occasional squealing sax, pushing every available needle into the red" 8/10 - uncut.   

alas salvation

  1. Victorious (National Anthem)
  2. Hungry Heart
  3. Use Somebody
  4. (Interlude I)
  5. Roll Another
  6. Curtain Twitcher
  7. Take It
  8. Harbour The Feeling
  9. Alas Salvation
  10. Smile
  11. Doo Wah
  12. (Interlude II)
  13. Please Don't Wait For Me