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Mark Morrison

Return of the Mack (25th anniversary reissue)


limited 180g purple lp

Released: 11th Jun 2021


GO AHEAD AND DIE is a raw, urgent, unrelenting, thrillingly shocking, and vibrant new band.

It was born from the mind of creative writer and musician Igor Amadeus Cavalera and the bond of blood and music he shares with his dad, extreme metal icon, and SOULFLY band leader Max Cavalera. Its tempos are wild, its contempt for modern social ills palpable, its riffs monstrous and captivating. They make angry, spiteful, utterly engaging, spirited extreme music for increasingly extreme times. The self-titled debut sees Max and Igor splitting guitar and vocalist duties, with utter madman style drumming from Zach Coleman of the blistering BLACK CURSE and critically-acclaimed KHEMMIS. It sounds like a relic from the glory days of thrash, proto-death metal, and filthy rotten punk, the kind of band that would inspire a teenaged thrasher in 1987 to carve the G.A.A.D. logo into a school desk. As frontman for HEALING MAGIC, Igor indulges his passion for doomy stoner riffs, J.R.R. Tolkien and related fantasy storytelling, and psychedelia. Killer Be Killed (Max’s band with guys from Mastodon, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, and CONVERGE) ventures into increasingly dynamic and heady textures. GO AHEAD AND DIE is an opportunity for both Cavalera men to swim in chaos, bile, and sonic force. The spirits of crust-punk and early grindcore are alive and unwell in GO AHEAD AND DIE. It’s palpable. Classic bands like DOOM, ANTI CLIMEX, ENGLISH DOGS, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, and DISCHARGE are all reference points. There’s also the sloppy bludgeoning power of bands like HELLHAMMER and the ferocity of TERRORIZER and NAPALM DEATH. (Jeff Walker, one of the guys from CARCASS, even designed the group’s logo.) These are all bands loved by both Max and his son. The senior Cavalera credits Igor with keeping him in the know about young bands, too, like FULL OF HELL and BLACK CURSE.

Return of the Mack (25th anniversary reissue)

  1. Crazy (D-Influence Mix) 2. Let's Get Down 3. Get High With Me 4. Moan And Groan 5. Return Of The Mack (C&J Street Mix) Side B 1. I Like 2. Trippin' 3. Tears For You feat. Mica Paris. 4. Horny 5. I Really Love You