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Otto Kentrol

No Mistakes (rsd 22)

modern harmonic

Record Store Day 2022 - 2lp

Released: 18th Jun 2022

£36.99 £25.98

Finally the recorded studio work of Bill Ylitalo as Otto Kentrol and Faceless has been assembled! Featuring hard to find post punk & no wave cuts from his EPs over the years and even delves into his four track demos.

Across the post punk treasures you'll be gifted the work of luminaries such as Arto Lindsay, ECM's Steve Tibbetts, and more. Sax, strange electronic instruments, recitative vocals and sporadic bass, guitar and drums are spread over two LPs with liner notes by WFMU's Erick Bradshaw, host of Spin Age Blasters.

No Mistakes (rsd 22)

  1. No Mistakes
  2. What About My Engine Rebuild
  3. At The Water
  4. Learn Greek In Greece
  5. Public Eye
  6. My Generation
  7. Ghost Boy
  8. Retread
  9. Lady In Cement
  10. Young
  11. Who Are The Flowers From
  12. Drive
  13. Fly Line
  14. Slut
  15. Amgonna Kaar
  16. Our Secret
  17. The Man With The Flashlight
  18. Fake
  19. Looking Back
  20. Scrap Heap
  21. Ghost Boy (Instrumental)
  22. 283
  23. County K
  24. Fun To Be Fake
  25. Kids In Kanvas
  26. A Light In A Line
  27. Meat
  28. Sing Along
  29. Wong Family