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Near Life Experience (2023 reissue)

limited pink lp - £22.99 | Buy
Originally released in 1996, Come’s third album ‘Near Life Experience’ was the sound of a band heading into new territory, refining their dens...

peel sessions

lp + download - £19.99
an essential nine-track set catching Boston’s mighty Come at the peak of their powers.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (2021 expanded edition)

2lp + download - £22.99 | Buy
In 1994 Come responded to the difficult-second-album stereotype with the hypnotic, intense and emotional masterpiece ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell&rsq...
Gently Down The Stream (RSD 23)


Gently Down The Stream (RSD 23)

fire records
  • Record Store Day 2023 - 2LP + Download

    Released: 22nd Apr 2023


Come's final chapter sees Thalia Zedek and Chris Brokaw at their peak, refining their incredible blend of dissonant blues and cathartic noise-rock heightened by the intricate guitar dual-play and the added melody that permeates the songwriting.

Lovingly re issued on double vinyl for the first time since 1998.