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Peddlin’ Dreams (2022 reissue)

cd + poster booklet - £11.99 | Buy
Originally released in 2005, ‘Peddlin’ Dreams’ contains key songs ‘Seasons Of The Fair’ and ‘Sullen Soul’ plus covers ...

High Dive (rsd 21)

Record Store Day 2021 - 2lp + download (2000 only) - £22.99
First time on double vinyl for this buried treasure from the legendary singer/songwriter.

Live In Hamburg (rsd 21)

Record Store Day 2021 - 2lp + download (1000 only) - £22.99
First time on vinyl for this classic follow up to 2003’s buried treasure ‘High Dive’.

La Vita Nuova

2lp + download - £23.99 | Buy
With tracks that sound like modern show tunes for musical extravaganzas yet to be penned, ‘La Vita Nuova’ rings out like an American Gothic opera, f...
Late December/ Live Acoustic (RSD 23)


Late December/ Live Acoustic (RSD 23)

  • Record Store Day 2023 - 2LP + Download

    Released: 22nd Apr 2023


First time on vinyl for the gorgeous ‘Late December’, with a second LP featuring rare recordings from her Live Acoustic LA tour in 2006.

An album that’s broader than Broadway, a panoramic view of life, love and loss filled with drama and theatricality. Plus a live set that’s heart-on-sleeve time, bringing together songs from Lone Justice, plus covers of the traditional country anthem ‘The World Is Not My Home’, Richard Thompson’s ‘Has He Got A Friend For Me’ and three songs that show the bittersweet beauty of her brother Bryan MacLean’s song writing. In total, it’s Kurt Weill, Springsteen, it’s the million-selling global hit ‘A Good Heart’ delivered by the songwriter herself in all its Phil Spector-like baroque beauty.