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Where's My Utopia?

limited select retailers exclusive maroon lp - £25.99 | Buy
limited indies only orange lp with sticker set - £28.99 | Buy

cd - £14.99 | Buy

*signed* limited indies only orange lp with sticker set - £27.99

*signed* limited select retailers exclusive maroon lp - £24.99
There's a fresh and jaunty swagger to Yard Act's second outing - a playful sense of fun that brings to mind a salacious Jarvis Cocker wink and James Mur...

The Trenchcoat Museum

limited black 12" - £14.99
Fleshing out their post punk lurch with some Underworld sizzle, Yard Act have trenchcoats on their minds and dancefloors in their sights for this little taste o...

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Different Class

heavyweight lp - £21.99 | Buy
The Cool Greenhouse

The Cool Greenhouse

cd - £10.99 | Buy
razor sharp lyrics coupled with minimalist post-punk backing; it's a winning combination done exceptionally on this brilliantly witty debut.

Broken Equipment

cd - £10.99 | Buy
The Brooklyn art-punk incendiaries’ debut was one of our fave releases of 2018 & their irresistible grooves, punchy post-punk, angular guitars, bright...
The Overload

black friday 2022 picture disc

ghetto lettuce edition

  1. The Overload
  2. Dead Horse
  3. Payday
  4. Rich
  5. The Incident
  6. Witness (Can I Get A?)
  7. Land Of The Blind
  8. Quarantine The Sticks
  9. Tall Poppies
  10. Pour Another
  11. 100% Endurance"


The Overload

Zen F.C.
  • Limited black Friday 2022 Picture Disc lp

    Released: 25th Nov 2022

  • cd

    Released: 21st Jan 2022


The Leeds super-quartet of Post War Glamour Girls’ James Smith, Menace Beach’s Ryan Needham, Sam Shjipstone & Jay Russell emerged post-pandemic with a snarling sonic diary for a despondent generation.

Fresh on the scene in this incarnation, they’d taken us into lockdown No.1 with the political, savvy, modern snapshots ‘Fixer Upper’ & ‘Dark Days’ - both of which became instant talking points but neither of which appear on the album. However, the lyrical observations evinced on these early singles continue on ‘The Overload’ & they plot a visceral, satirical journey through capitalism & greed across the album’s 11 tracks.

Yes - it’s undeniable that they sound like The Fall (a bit) but in place of Mark E Smith’s spite, frontman James Smith’s lyrics lean more towards the sardonic wit of Jarvis Cocker. If we’re honest, we were concerned that their sprechgesang post punk would wear thin after a few listens but just as this same concern was proven to be unfounded for Dry Cleaning, Yard Act’s debut has hung with us all year & fears of fatigue have been well & truly dispelled. The spoken word delivery & post-punk inspired backing meld together into compact modern commentaries & over time, instead of withering, the surface humour gives way to the depth & pathos at the core of this crisp set.

“Skittery-but-muscular post-punk funk: punchy disco drums, stabbing guitar, the melodies driven by the bass” - The Guardian